Ethiopian Airlines – A Successful Model of State-Owned African Airline?

Ethiopian Airlines has been able to raise its own debt and finance its own expansion without government cash. It is the first carrier outside Japan to operate the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a state-of-the-art passenger jet. Current Fleet: 47 Aircrafts, Fleet on order: 42 Aircrafts, Services to 69 International and 17 Domestic destinations.Its ten new 787’s have been bought with a $1bn loan guarantee from America’s Export-Import Bank (forget Airbus whining about competition!) and it is currently tendering for an additional 15 single-aisle jets to solidify its African presence.
Too many African carriers are plagued by debt and managed with the sole aim of satisfying the short-term interests of owners.Ethiopian Airlines which started about the same time as Ghana Airways in the late 40’s and 50’s, has had its ups and downs especially in the late 90’s with a string of accidents. Today, however, it even boasts of an Ethiopian Aviation Academy which trains pilots, maintenance crews and service personnel. In April 2011, EAA graduated 20 pilots and 22 Aviation Maintenance Technicians.This is what STRATEGIC PLANNING, VISIONARY LEADERSHIP AND COMPETENT MANAGEMENT CAN ACHIEVE!!!!


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Theo Acheampong
Theo is an economist and social media enthusiast who provides regular commentary on socioeconomic and political developments in Ghana and Africa at large. Theo is passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship and the role of innovative technologies in solving Africa's developmental challenges.