Which Ghanaian Banks Offer the Best Value Add?

Using the latest figures published by the Bank of Ghana, I estimate the top five banks in Ghana in terms of value add as Bank of Baroda, Barclays Bank, GCB Bank, Societe Generale Bank and Stanbic Bank. Value added is defined as the difference between the Average Interest Rate on Deposits and the bank’s Base Lending Rate.

More data: https://bog.gov.gh/public-notices/3100-banks-aprs-and-ais-on-deposits-as-at-30th-june-2017 

Written by Theo Acheampong

Theo is an economist and social media enthusiast who provides regular commentary on socioeconomic and political developments in Ghana and Africa at large. Theo is passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship and the role of innovative technologies in solving Africa's developmental challenges.

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