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Thoughts of an African.


Dr. Theo Acheampong is an economist and political risk analyst with knowledge and experience working with governments and international institutions on strategic advisoryregulatory and commercial issues in oil and gas, energy, mining, and public finance. His areas of specialisation include energy policy formulation, fiscal regime design and modelling, investment analysis, contractual negotiations, and local content. He is passionate about advancing sustainable development and industrialisation in Africa.


Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, South Sudan, Zambia, Guyana, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Israel and Cyprus, and Afghanistan.

Get Theo's new book 'Petroleum Resource Management in Africa'

  • Regulating and Managing Ghana’s Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
  • Oil and Gas and Ghana’s Economy
  • Oil and Gas Governance and Lessons Learnt
  • International Perspectives and Conclusions