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Getting your Trinity Audio player ready..., a “leading success and personal development brand”, yesterday named me as a young achiever in its 2015 edition of the ‘Newaccra Achievers Report’.

Many thanks to the team for the nomination and I would like to say it is indeed an honour and humbling experience to be selected among the “30 Ghanaians about to shake the world”.

According to the magazine, the compilation of unsung Ghanaians featured persons making impact and showing future promise in diverse fields. The 2015 edition honour sought to highlight thirty individuals from five broad groups- business and leadership, society and healthcare, competitive sports, literary and creative arts, and technology and media.

“Our generation is full of achievers. While some are household names, others are unsung or totally unknown… We are unearthing, presenting, and celebrating these change makers as gems of their times… All these unsung achievers are making impact and showing future promise at the same time.”
— Newaccra Achievers Report 2015

You can access the report at: