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About the Ghana Development Indicators Tracker (G-DIT)

The Ghana Development Indicators Tracker (G-DIT) is an online dashboard which shows Ghana’s performance on various socioeconomic and governance indicators in the history of the Fourth Republic from 1993 to date. The dashboard has been developed from the perspective of an ordinary Ghanaian citizen who is confused on questions such as where we are, which political party has done what, and what impact have they created – for example, on the economy, education, health, infrastructure and energy, among others?

Citizens can evaluate and see the relative performance of the political parties on over 100 indicators, clustered around three major themes. These are:

  1. Economy, finances and business environment – economy and public finance, private sector and trade, energy and environment and infrastructure
  2. Public sector and governance – government stability and democratic accountability, law and order (security and safety), corruption
  3. Social sectors – education, health and gender, labour, poverty and social protection

This dashboard is particularly important given that the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means that online and media engagements are increasingly being used to supplement the traditional campaigning methods utilised by Ghana’s political parties. There is, therefore, a need for citizens to have access to an online portal that shows Ghana’s developmental gains across the various socioeconomic sectors, and which can inform voter decision making.