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ver wondered about the possibility of building a comprehensive and well integrated Rapid Mass Transit System (Metro-System) that is rail based and truly functional in Accra? The Accra Monorail System is an excellent concept which could potentially be a public transport game changer for Accra if properly executed. The rail system is planned to operate on elevated beams in order not to disturb pedestrians and traffic and will include retail and commercial facilities, shopping malls, parking facilities, hotel business conferences. This is what long term strategic thinking and planning can achieve for this country.

To prevent the project from succumbing to perennial ills of funding, corruption, build quality and maintenance, the project ought to be a privately run venture under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model with 70-30% private to government ownership or something similar. I’m of the considered opinion that what needs to be done before the commencement of this project is for the government to commission a major transport infrastructure study of the capital and other major cities such as Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi. The study will consider all rail transport options and conduct feasibility assessments in terms of the socio-economic and environmental impacts and subsequently get serious investors to start building and operating the project. Accra needs a decent public transport system.

An alternative to the circular plan in the video below will be to build a light rail system connecting all the major arterial roads to a central hub or station with stops at major junctions. A maintenance depot also needs to be built to support the network infrastructure and upgrading of the coaches. The main network will consist of:

  1. Mallam to Central Business District – RED LINE
  2. Ofankor to Central Business District – GOLD LINE
  3. Adenta to Central Business District – GREEN LINE
  4. Tema to Central Business District – BLACK LINE

See the concept video below.