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Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!

1. What’s happened to our efforts to bring more inbound diasporan FDIs into the country?
2. Have we lost our competitive edge as the gateway to West Africa and is the golden age of doing business dead as businesses suffer under extortionate taxation schemes?
3. What’s happened to our branding efforts? How come GIPC, Brand Ghana Office, and Ghana Tourist Authority aren’t more visible on the frontpages of the global magazine covers pushing for investments?
4. Why have the trade shows and business expos stopped? What are our diplomatic missions doing to attract more FDIs into the country?
5. What is Ghana’s unique selling proposition (USP) to the wider diasporan investment community?
6. Is our proxy trade policy for the next decade still going to be anchored on foreign and other Chinese imports which keep putting massive pressure on a Cedi whose value keeps eroding by the day?
7. What steps are we taking to promote more local consumption using the purchasing power of the State?
8. What steps are we taking to ensure access to credit for SMEs at preferential interest rates?
9. What steps are we taking to build the transport hubs and other networked infrastructure services?
10. What steps are we taking to decongest the ports to reduce clearing times?
11. What steps are we taking to ensure reliable supply of electricity and other utilities at a fair price which doesn’t disincentivise producers?
12. What steps are we taking to ensure social safety nets are put in place for the less fortunate and marginalized in our society?
13. What steps are we taking to reduce the bureaucratic inertia and the excessive concentration of power under our imperial Executive?

Cote D’Ivoire, our next door neighbor has woken up to smell the coffee, and is pushing for massive investments into the country only a few years after the last bloody civil war. Cote D’Ivoire International Forum for Investments in Côte d’Ivoire | 29 January-1st February 2014 – Abidjan