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Welcome to the ‘new normal’, and remember no one is exactly safe be they on the streets of Al-Raqqa, Mosul, Baghdad, Tripoli, Washington, London, Paris, Mogadishu, Accra, Lagos or Nairobi. Unfortunately, these mass-casualty attacks that have the intention to kill and maim as a political propaganda tool aren’t going to end anytime soon – not until the roots and vehicle that fuels radicalisation and fundamentalism are addressed by ALL stakeholders. I am deeply saddened by the bombings in Paris and Beirut, not forgetting the daily occurrences in Northern Nigeria, the Maghreb, Somalia and the wider Middle-East. May the dead rest in peace and may their families be comforted. The world has become a very dangerous place to live in! The dreary thought of not knowing what might happen to me tomorrow is one that also keeps me grounded in my faith to make this world better than I came to meet it.

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