Ghana and the IMF Programme: A Little Note

One decisive outcome from today’s presidential encounter with the media is the decision by the government not to extend the IMF deal from the original April 2018 completion date to December 2018. Only some few days ago, various highly placed government officials including the Civil Society Organisations’ Platform on Ghana IMF programme had given indications the government will ask the IMF to extend its support programme to December 2018 from April 2018 to boost efforts to stabilise the economy.

So, what has changed? I believe the answer lies in improving macroeconomic fundamentals – inflation, interest rates, a relatively stable cedi with improving balance of payments and current account, and sustained fiscal consolidation efforts. I will, however, wait for the Finance Minister’s mid-year budget review to be presented to parliament next week for further and better particulars. Some indicative H1 2017 fiscal numbers: revenue mobilisation down about 10% vs. budget estimates but expenditure has also been 21% below budget target, implying fiscal consolidation efforts yielding some results.

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Written by Theo Acheampong

Theo is an economist and social media enthusiast who provides regular commentary on socioeconomic and political developments in Ghana and Africa at large. Theo is passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship and the role of innovative technologies in solving Africa's developmental challenges.

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