Ghana’s infrastructure: The mystery of misspending – International Growth Centre (IGC)

Simple yet critical. We, as a country and people, have never been interested in data-led policy formulation and decision-making. The power of research in changing developmental outcomes is evidently demonstrated in this collaboration between IGC researcher Martin Williams of Oxford University and Ghana’s Civil Service.

They find that 33% of local government infrastructure projects that were started were not being finished and sought policy solutions to fix the problem. This mini-documentary, an example of ‘research into policy’ in action, tells the story of this collaboration. Kudos, James Dzansi and the IGC team.


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Theo Acheampong
Theo is an economist and social media enthusiast who provides regular commentary on socioeconomic and political developments in Ghana and Africa at large. Theo is passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship and the role of innovative technologies in solving Africa's developmental challenges.

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